Home + Restaurant

Now that most people have adjusted to not going out to eat at restaurants on a regular basis, a large number of homeowners are becoming newly acquainted with their kitchens. The events of the past year have eliminated the ability to go out to eat, and have even reduced our takeout options. It might even be said that home is the new restaurant.

According to the Food Manufacturing website, fully 88% of people have been cooking more meals at home since stay-at-home orders went into effect while 49% are now cooking meals from scratch.

There will be a continued trend for home buyers toward large open kitchens where families can gather to cook together. Abundant cabinet spaces in pantries will be key for storing food. Updated appliances will make the entire process, from cooking to clean up, a breeze.

Your next home may also be that new ‘favorite restaurant’. Let’s discuss.

Home + Restaurant. I get that.

Michael Dickman

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