A small oceanside town a few miles south of Santa Barbara and Montecito, Carpinteria is overflowing with charm and tranquility. With a population of just over 13,000, this beachy small town is a favorite of surfers and those who want a chilled lifestyle. Many residents have lived in Carp, as the locals lovingly call it, for generations. Nowadays with home prices more affordable than in nearby Santa Barbara and because of it’s welcoming charm, Carpinteria has become a choice place to live for those who work in Santa Barbara. Downtown Carpinteria is not to be missed with it’s relaxing laid-back vibe. Excellent restaurants, surf shops, quirky boutiques and cafes line the main shopping area, Linden Avenue. On the first weekend in October, Carpinteria is home to The Avocado Festival. Avofest is one of the largest free festivals in California and boasts three days of fabulous food, music and entertainment. The Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club, one of the country’s premier equestrian polo fields is located in Carpinteria. Carpinteria Beach, once dubbed “The Safest Beach in the US” is gently sloped with calm waves and an expanse of glistening white sand. Just around the corner, Rincon Beach is one of California’s best surfing spots and on any given day it is full of hardcore surfers waiting for the perfect wave. Seals and Seal Lions can be seen at a rookery from the nearby Carpenteria Bluffs and the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve is an excellent spot for bird watching. Carpinteria has a moderate dry climate with an average temperature of 71.6 °F.

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